When thinking of fast food chains, service-based non-profits and the color red, what comes to mind? Perhaps Wendy’s and Red Cross? Colors play an integral part in creating a logo. Similarly, the font used for the logo is an important feature as well. Since I will be using art services with at-risk children, I felt red was the perfect central color for my venture. Art, as well as my personal venture, exhibits passion which is often represented by the color red. I wanted to express this sentiment in the title as well, hence the use of the word “heart.” Utilizing the symbols of the sewing needle and paint brush enabled me to represent key components of art and fashion. Collectively the elements piece together what I wish to convey about my venture. It will be from the heart, highly artistic, full of love and every creation unique in its own right. For more background information take a look at my screencast below:

Link: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cqiFrPOOwZ

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