As stated in Duct Tape Marketing, “…a talking logo ( or elevator pitch) is a tool that allows your firm to communicate verbally the single greatest benefit of doing business with your firm” ( Jantsch, 2011). It is important that an elevator pitch briefly highlights key unique components of distinction of your firm. Key components include, but are not limited to: the service offered, a frustration and or need of potential clients, and ways the service offered can help render a solution. If you’ve had an opportunity to visit blog, you may have an idea of the key components of my venture. If you have not read my blog, welcome! I also encourage you to check previous posts to see additional components used to bring a venture, my venture, into fruition. At the first link below is my elevator pitch covering the previously mentioned components. I have also provided a link to my extended pitch providing more specificity and details. Enjoy!

Elevator Pitch:

An extended pitch provides further details and insight than a brief elevator pitch. The elaboration is typically used to respond to interest expressed by a potential client or even supporter who wants to learn more about ones company and services. Below is the link to my extended pitch:

Extended Pitch:


Jantsch, J. (2011). Duct tape marketing: The worlds most practical small business marketing guide. Nashville: Nelson Business.

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  1. Shayna,

    Excellent extended pitch, you provided a great introduction. I like that you are encouraging creativity for each individual. Also, the example you provided where you were able to help someone create and understand fashion demonstrated a great success story.


  2. Shayna,

    I really appreciated your post! It really helps give me a conceptual understanding of what I need to do…

    Of course, I’m following your posts on all these projects because we share an artistic passion!

    Your logo image is also very fitting because you’re highlighting ART in Heart. I have seen it as, “Earth without ART is just, EH.” Using it in the word Heart is really ingenious!

    Great screen cast, very inclusive & impressive 🙂



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