I have created a podcast focusing on how design innovation can improve business value as well as a business overall. The inspiration behind this podcast comes from a 2019 YouTube video titled- Brainstorm Design: Driving Business Value Through Design Innovation | Fortune. In the video a panel of knowledgeable experts discuss the various forms and importance of design innovation as it relates to businesses.


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  1. Shayna,

    I like that you pointed out the four elements in regards to design. I agree that focusing on customers is more important than focusing on revenue and profit. As all of us are aware, most companies are concerned with making a profit and ultimately those companies fail. We must be mindful of our customer needs as a priority and the profit will come with time and success with the customers. Design is an aspect that many companies do not focus on as being necessary. However, if we think about it every product has some form of design which determines how marketable that product is and that is also a way in which we incorporate innovation through design. Excellent podcast!


  2. Shayna,
    I enjoyed listening to your podcast. You did a great job breaking down the four different elements. I agree that customer satisfaction in one of the most important indicators of the overall success of a business. Poor customer service will ultimately lead to destruction. Happy customers is the best form of positive advertisement. I look forward to hearing more of your broadcast.



  3. Shayna,

    This podcast was great, I enjoyed listening to these four concepts around design and a leaders interactions. One of my favorite concepts you touched on was “Design is more than a phase”. A reminder to leaders that you have to continuously go back and evaluate the design and improve on it.

    I experience the lack of followup everyday in my current field. The aspect that I am referring to is designing a clinic workflow. Most of the time there is some part of the design that is not working appropriately, and we have to go back and adjust to make the patient experience better. If there is not a leader involved that is constantly monitoring these workflows, workarounds are typically put into place from the staff, and they are not efficient for the practice or for the patient. New designs take constant work and rework to ensure that it is going well! Innovation is rarely ever, “here is a perfect design, let’s implement it”.

    Thanks for these thoughts Shayna.


  4. Hello Shyna,

    I really enjoyed your podcast and i truely agree that the four elements of design you pointed out is very important in developing an innovative design and likewise the main goal of every innovation which is customer satisfaction should not be overlooked. great work.

    Best Regards,



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