Porter’s Five Forces Analysis is a tool used for understanding the competitiveness of one’s business environment, and for identifying  one’s strategy’s potential profitability.

Below, I have performed Porter’s Five Forces analysis for the large e-commerce giant Amazon. This will help gain a better understanding of how the factors relate to smaller e-commerce businesses, such as my intended venture.

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  1. Shayna,
    I enjoyed watching your Porter’s Five Forces analysis. I found it interesting that you took a giant company, Amazon, and was able to translate the factors that they face into your business. I think that analogies are a strong way to convey information. By using a company that almost everyone in the United States knows, you can convey information that is relatable to your business. I would not have thought to use this technique in an analysis. Overall a very interesting take to the project.


  2. Hello,
    I find it interesting that you chose Amazon, i enjoyed listening to your presentation and analysis. I agree with your review of the company. Nice work!
    Bolanle Akinyemi


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