Last week I performed a SWOT analysis on my venture, House of Muze Designs. In this posting I have conducted a PEST analysis. The concept of the PEST analysis is to look at external factors which influence the business.

The focus of a PEST analysis is to show which external factors are influencing the business. There is often confusion between a SWOT analysis which looks at internal factors influencing the business. The factors reviewed in a PEST analysis are: Political, Economic, Social, and Technological. It is imperative as both a leader and an entrepreneur to evaluate as many factors of one’s business as possible. Check out my PEST analysis below!

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  1. Shayna,
    Excellent presentation for your PEST analysis! You provided a great structure that clearly defined each aspect. With the technological factors, I did not think about the rate of cybercrime which is increasing with technology. The social factors seem to be the most influential with all companies.


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