Television is a powerful form of media. Consumers can get both visual and audible information regarding a product or service. Since there are more senses involved, I think television and commercials tend to be some of the most influential forms of media. Below is my analysis for five television commercials that I reviewed.

Radio Ad #1- My Black is Beautiful:

Award: Greatest Marketing Campaigns TV | Grand Prize winner: African American category

Company: Procter & Gamble| EGAMI Group, 2018

P&G is a household company that is well known by many. Their products include the likes of Charmin®, Crest®, Febreze®, Gain® and Olay®. This ad has a serious tone, unlike the many other humorous commercials we tend to see. Although there was no humor, the commercial painted a pretty clear picture and successfully grabs viewer attention. The commercial focused on creating an environment where customers feel safe. The commercial is clearly  highlighting  African American and the troubles they face. However, in a subtle way,  I believe the commercial is also trying to depict that their products and company culture are safe and welcoming. For African Americans, as well as any other customer.

The commercial is informative and clearly targets African Americans. It also seeks to gain the attention of Non-African- Americans,  in trying to encourage the bigger discussion of racism and other underlying issues in America. This particular ad was done in 2018. At this particular time the tension between races and rice in police brutality could not be ignored. Creating this ad shows how socially aware the company is. This bold statement in the ad results in customers that are not simply benefiting from  P&G products. It aims to take things a step further and encourage those uncomfortable conversations that can lead to a brighter and more unified future.  

Radio Ad #2- Share a Coke 1,000 Name Celebration:

Award: Radio Mercury Awards, 2018

Company: Coca-Cola | Fitzco//Casanova McCann, 2018

Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign was a major marketing campaign. They decided to take things a step further by creating songs for the unique names on the coke bottles. According to this ad, there was a 177% in traffic to the site as a result. The ad and campaign highlight the magic of coke. It seeks to gain the attention of existing customers and attract new ones. Anyone that enjoys the drink, or the possibility of having a song for their name are the targets. Seeing the joyful reactions of customers and the spark it caused on social media creates a warm and sincere connection with viewers. The objective is to promote cokes as well as get more customers involved in the campaign, thus selling more product.

As someone who has a unique name, I loved this campaign! I never found my name, but I did find many of my friend’s names on bottles. This is definitely a campaign that will not be forgotten and hard to match.

Radio Ad #3- #WomanInProgress – Jessamyn:

Award: Grand Prize Winner: Total Market Category| Multicultural Excellence Award, 2017

Company: Johnson & Johnson/Motrin | J. Walter Thompson, 2017

This commercial is promoting Motrin, a pain relief medicine. The advertisement focuses around a real-life story of a customer that uses the medicine. By hearing and seeing Jessamyn’s story, it creates a genuine connection with viewers. Not only can they connect on using the medicine, but some may even be able to connect with the triumphant story being told.

The advertisement seeks to target viewers that may be in pain, experiencing pain or could one day need to use Motrin for pain. There are many pain medicines in the market, and Motrin wants viewers to remember the commercial and furthermore remember the brand. This is especially true for viewers that may have experienced similar struggles as Jessamyn. Female viewers may be more inclined to purchase the product after watching the commercial as well.  

Radio Ad #4- Home for Christmas:

Award: First Prize Award – Film Craft: Acting| New York Festivals International (NYF), 2016

Company: EDEKA Zentrale AG & Co. KG | Jung von Matt AG, 2016

I picked this commercial originally because I thought it was another commercial. After watching I realized it was not what I had in mind, but I enjoyed it and the message, nonetheless. The commercial is an advertainment for EDEKA, the largest German supermarket company. It uses a mixture of things: sadness, the concept of family, death and humor to get the point across. The commercial seeks to inform customers of the variety of food products they offer and how they are integral for Holiday’s and can help bring families together. The commercial also seeks to reinforce the importance of family and how valuable the time spent together is.

Families, or family members are the target of the customer. However, virtually all viewers will need something form the supermarket and can benefit from the products.

Radio Ad #5- The Boys:

Award: First Prize Award – Film/Cinema/Online/TV| New York Festivals International (NYF), 2016

Company: Pacific Brands Underwear/Bonds | Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, 2016

This commercial focuses on the product of men’s underwear. I think it was only fitting to use humor as the method of depicting the information. The commercial took an interesting approach in presenting the information. Similar to the Charmin radio ad I highlighted, discussing products that correlate with the bathroom or specific body parts can be difficult. In a humorous way, the ad highlights the comfort of the product.

The objective is to inform viewers of the product features and encourage them to purchase. Being that the product is men’s underwear, the main target customer is men. However, women may be interested in purchasing them for their partners or even personally wearing them. Comfort is a feature that any customer would enjoy. This value could drive a customer to try the product if they have not done so already. Or, if the customer is already accustomed to the brand, they may be inclined to try this new product.

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  1. Hi Shay,
    Very nice job analyzing these TV ads. I was particularly interested in the Johnson & Johnson/Motrin ad. While Motrin is a pain reliever, the ad focuses on the emotional pain that Jessamyn felt while growing up as the target of bullies. I think many people would agree that emotional pain often leaves deeper scars than any physical injury, which makes this tactic really smart on the part of J & J.

    J & J is also leaning into a larger #womaninprogress campaign that looks to connect emotionally with female consumers. This type of large-scale focus on empowerment and social issues is a great way for companies to increase positive brand association across their entire suite of products.

    Thank you for highlighting this ad!


  2. Shayna,
    You did a great job analyzing these TV ads. I thought that Coca-cola ad with the names was just brilliant! It really boosted their exposure by making the ad something that people wanted to interact with! It made it even better that people who felt left out when their name wasn’t found got replies back within a short time frame with their custom song! I can’t say that there is a way to make this ad any more effective than the way they executed it and it paid off big.
    Good Job!


  3. Shay,

    I enjoyed the ads you chose, a few were some of the same ones I chose as well, like the Jesslyn – Motrin commercial. I loved the messages in so many of them.

    One of my favorites that I have seen all day though, was the “The Boys”. I laughed so hard, I had not seen that one before! They did a good job depicting what I feel like most men must feel every day (although I am NOT a man, my husband has mentioned several of these “issues”). I feel like Pacific Brands used humor and experiences to really drive home their product.

    Thanks for a good laugh on this Sunday afternoon amidst our crazy world right now.



  4. Hey shay,
    Great analysis you did on these TV ads, i really enjoyed reading through it. I must say your title of each ad as Radio Ad # got me confused at first, i thought they were Radio Ads, i will advice if you can edit those to indicate they are TV Ads since you already did Radio Ads.
    Your reviews about the ads were on point and concise! even for those i did not view the ads itself i got the message. Great Analysis!


  5. Shayna,
    You’re right, television is extremely influential as that is how we find out information that we are not only able to hear as well as see. When compared to radio ads, I would say that television ads have a better success rate based on the visuals presented. The ads you selected are all great television ads! One of my favorite television ads that you selected to analyze was the “Home for Christmas” ad as that is one of my favorite Holidays. Just as you mentioned, when I watched the ad, I had a completely different idea based on the title. The ad did a great job using different types of emotions to attract potential customers. It had a great representation of the importance of family being together and how the supermarket offered a variety of products for any family member. Having a variety of food choices is important when families get together since not everyone eats the same type of food. I enjoyed your detailed analysis for each of the television ads.


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