ENT630_Week 1 Discussion

Superman in a barrel, 50’s retro juke joints, and a homemade rainforest all made for captivating and inspirational content. These are just a few of the stories highlighted in Steve Shussler’s- It’s a Jungle in There. Each story displayed the highs and lows that come with being an entrepreneur. Some dreams, as depicted by Shussler’s rainforest café concept, have been brewing since youth. Other ideas may derive over the course of years. Regardless of how young or old the dream is, it still makes for a great entrepreneurial venture. As such, it is up to the visionary to see to it that the entrepreneurial dream becomes a reality. As it is often quoted, “to get something you’ve never had, one must do something they’ve never done”.

Whether it’s monetary, performing an absurd act, or breaking the law (i.e. Shussler and his home electricity)- risk can come in many shapes and forms. However, it is often times unavoidable. As entrepreneurs, we will often be creating new ideas or new versions of an existing idea. As such, many will not be able to comprehend or support the “newness”. At least not initially. As entrepreneurs, and the visionaries, we must take it upon ourselves to think out of the box. This is especially important in the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey. Risks can yield rewards and can be helpful in opening the eyes of onlookers to the exciting new potential and benefits that comes along with one’s venture.

In order to have the courage to do something “risky” or ultimately see to it that an entrepreneurial venture is successful, one must have both ambition and passion. As noted by Shussler, Passion + Ambition Yields Success (It P.A.Y.S.) (Schussler & Karlins, 2010). Before reading this segment of the book I, like most, viewed the words as interchangeable. However, as Shussler explained, the two work as a partnership. As Schussler stated- “Without ambition, a passionate person might create great things but not have the urge to share them” (Schussler & Karlins, 2010). Entrepreneurs differ from others, in that we are driven by the need to see to it that our ventures and visions come alive.

Each of the previously mentioned qualities are vital in the success of a venture. As an entrepreneur, we must evaluate to make sure we are willing to do whatever it takes to see a venture through. This is important not only for the startup up phase, but throughout the entrepreneurial journey as well.


Schussler, S., & Karlins, M. (2010). It’s a jungle in there: inspiring lessons, hard-won insights, and other acts of entrepreneurial daring. New York: Sterling.

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