ENT630 Week 5 Discussion

As entrepreneurs we will go through many obstacles along the way. A major part of this will be getting a “no”. This can come in various forms and can even be given repeatedly by the same person. As Shussler has mentioned several times before in the reading, this is where passion is beneficial. By being passionate about a product or venture, it can be a continuous fuel in the face of adversity. Passion can be the encouragement and courage that will help muster the will power to keep trying until the “no” becomes a “yes”. As stated in the reading, “… a first no is only a final no if you stop asking” (Schussler & Karlins, 2010). Passion coupled with a persistent attitude can go a long way.

Persistence is not only a useful trait when dealing with a no. It is also useful when dealing with failures. As an entrepreneur, there will be a lot of trial and error periods. This is especially true up on the start up stages. When being passionate about a product, failure can be a major blow. It is a personal choice on whether or not that failure becomes a lesson inciting growth or total defeat. In order to be successful, the former is essential. It is beneficial to also have an optimistic attitude throughout the process as well. I am still in the very early stages of developing my venture. There are days when I look at my to do list and feel overwhelmed. I’ve learned to remain patient and upbeat as I continue on the journey. This isn’t just applicable for my entrepreneurial journey, but throught other areas of my life as well.

I found it interesting in this week’s reading to see a different side of Shussler. We’ve been able to witness his dedication and outlandish acts to secure business deals. In the week’s reading we were able to see him express how much he cares for not only his customers, but all living things. As an entrepreneur being personable and genuinely full of care is an important characteristic to have. This helps create a stronger product as well as a stronger bond between all those connected to the entrepreneur and products being offered.


Schussler, S., & Karlins, M. (2010). It’s a jungle in there: inspiring lessons, hard-won insights, and other acts of entrepreneurial daring. New York: Sterling.

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