ENT630 Week 2 Discussion

As entrepreneurs we must be able to focus on the venture at hand (especially within the startup stages), all while cultivating other new ideas. Having a team in place and a great support system is all well, but ultimately as visionaries we are responsible. By focusing on more than one venture, it ensures that there will be more chances of successful opportunities and interest/commitment from investors. Strategically using the CBA method mentioned in the book, helps improve the skill of being a multi-tasker and ultimately entrepreneur.

Conceiving a product/service that people will buy, believing in the product and yourself as an entrepreneur, both lead to achieving the desired goal- success (Schussler & Karlins, 2010). This section of the reading was most enlightening for me. I have always been great at coming up with ideas and implementing them. However, I tend to get bogged down with the details. The notion of allowing my mind to roam free is not always easy. As the reading stated, “Don’t worry about constraints: conceive. They’ll be plenty of time to refine your ideas once you come up with them” (Schussler & Karlins, 2010). As an entrepreneur we must have an open mind that constantly fosters innovation and change.

For entrepreneurial works to stand out, they should reflect the visionaries. Products and services should be of high quality, with attention given to all details. This can be done by adopting what Shussler calls the “helicopter view” (Schussler & Karlins, 2010). This is an importation notion in that one must be able to imagine the larger picture and be able to focus on the small details that create that picture.


Schussler, S., & Karlins, M. (2010). It’s a jungle in there: inspiring lessons, hard-won insights, and other acts of entrepreneurial daring. New York: Sterling.

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