Role Dilemmas/ Skills you can teach and skills you can’t -ENT600

For a business to flow and operate properly, a solid infrastructure must first be in place. This infrastructure helps assign and differentiate roles within the organization. By separating duties into departments, each can respectively focus on their roles. “With a clear division of labor comes clear accountability: Everyone (initially the cofounders, later the board of directors) can see who is responsible for each success and each failure…” (Wassermann, 2012). It is easy for duties and responsibilities to be neglected or handled by the wrong parties if not handled properly. Therefore, it essential for job descriptions to clearly outline duties and tasks of a role. It is equally important that these duties are handled by specialist within the field with experience and knowledge to properly execute tasks.

For my venture, Zealous Muse Designs, to have smooth flow of business, roles will be divided among six departments. These departments are comprised of sub categories, all of which will have their own manger- CEO, VP of Finance, VP of Operations, VP of Marketing/ Sales, Product Development, Legal. Although each person will be responsible for their roles, each should have an understanding of the other roles and how each work together. This knowledge will ensure the process flows smoothly.  

Department leaders and their supporting staff all have their own skills and experience. Among these skills, some are learned- or can be learned, and some cannot. As such it Is important to appreciate and utilize the skills available, and make sure there are always teachable moments. This not only helps the individuals grow, but the business as well. Upon learning skills, individuals can be promoted to other positions and even train new hires or interns. As noted in “How to Hire A-Players”, Just one intern can make a difference (Herrenkohl,2010).

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  1. Shayna,
    I agree that we must define the roles and responsibilities for each individual to make sure the company is successful. Job descriptions are important as they provide details as to what responsibilities are required for each individual. You made a great point about the business growing as well as the employees, I believe it is necessary for employees to grow within in the company for success. Great job!


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