Benefits and Risks of Homogeneous Teams/Role of Founders in Building Teams- ENT600

Upon establishing a startup, it is easy to want to take the easier approach and hire members that one is familiar with. Relationships and trust have already been established, working together should be a piece of cake, right? This is not always the case. This approach can either be beneficial or damaging to a business and their success. In order to maximize the chance of having a successfully running business, this means the proper team players must be put in place.

Homogenous teams refer to a business ran by people with shared commonalties such as gender, race or even functional experiences (Wasserman, 2012).  This approach has both benefits and risks that should be considered.

Having a friend, a relative, or associate as part of the team can be a quick fix. Individuals already have commonalties and are familiar with each other’s work ethic. This can lead to decisions regarding the business being made a lot quicker as individuals will likely think the same. Office moral would likely be high, as individuals will like likely be more supportive and encouraging due to shared interests. Alignment among team players is great, but for a business to be as strong as possible sometimes outliers must be embraced. This can reduce the chances of encountering the risks associated with a homogenous team.

Many risks can arise by having too much in common among team player. This can ultimately create problems for the business. Many areas may be neglected due to the lack of skills resulting from individuals sharing the same experiences.  Furthermore, the networking opportunities could be decreased as individuals will likely know the same people as a result stunting growth.

Upon starting my business, these are all factors I will consider. I want to ensure that my business is filled with a diverse group of team players. Individuals that provide strength in their similarities, differences, experience and network. By sharing the vison, there will always be commonalities and shared sentiments among all team players. As the founder of my venture, it will be my duty to make sure these aren’t just players but “A- team players”. As stated in “The Founder’s Dilemmas: “Whether you have a sophisticated recruiting apparatus or not, you must figure out how to find, attract, and employ A-players. It is essential for success.” (Herrenkohl, 2010). As founder it can be difficult to relinquish control to others. However, this is essential for growth. By being intentional in selecting the best players possible, there will be confidence and trust in those helping lead the business.

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