As I have expressed throughout this course, and my blog, I am very passionate about the arts, fashion, and helping others! That being said, I decided to use art as it correlates to at-risk youth for my subject matter. My presentation, titled “HeART and Soul” was given on Saturday August 10th to a local organization- Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. These ladies are community conscious and active within their local communities, especially at-risk youth.

This presentation overall was a great learning experience. The venue did not have the proper cables for me to connect my computer to the projector to do my presentation as planned. I made the most of the situation and just spoke to the audience without that visual aid. I was a little nervous on how this would affect my presentation, but nerves subsided after I went over my first few slides. These slides included the start truth behind the census data and facts about poverty as it correlates to NC. There were audible gasps at this information. Once I was midway through, I handed out giveaways (see image below) that contained my venture information. This was well received by the audience as well.

Upon completion of my presentation, the audience asked questions and expressed their praise. Audience members also provided great feedback as well as numerous contacts regarding the subject at hand. Unknowingly, one induvial was a founder and CEO of a local nonprofit that worked with at-risk youth! I was asked if I was willing to give the same presentation at a few other events. I was also encouraged to come out one Saturday to help with a local garden in a community that dedicates time and resources to their at-risk youth.  I look forward to further growth associated with other presentations!


When unfolded, this is a flyer that includes: my venture’s logo, an art exercise that can be done at home, and a link for those interested in contacting me or learning more!

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