I figured it would be fitting to make my first blog post about what led me to this venture. Here it goes! It has been 3 years since I completed my undergraduate degree. I have been blessed to be among the few that have landed not only one, but two jobs in my field. Woohoo! I have finally reached the dreaded “3 year minimum in the field experience” and have been actively applying for jobs to further increase my skill set. As with most things, I have received one “No” after another. I often find myself asking is this really the career field I want to be in for the next 10+ years? As I reflect on my two jobs, although different in nature, there are glaring similarities. Some similarities include but are not limited to: greed, waste, over-worked and undervalued employees. I am sure this is the case with most corporate jobs. In the fashion/ textile industry I have seen wasted garments, fabric, and other goods and can’t help but think of the thousands of people in the world that could benefit from them. I look at the bosses that can’t say “no” to making another dollar and pleasing their customer at the expense of their over-worked employees. The nature of the business has slowly eroded my passion for the arts. I often think there has got to be another way…a better way this can all work. I fast recall why I fell in love with art: freedom of expression and the joy and peace it brings. I want everyone to be able to experience that. Art has proven to be therapeutic and in ways lifesaving, for this reason I would like to create an opportunity where others can experience the powerful force of art. I am excited about the possibility of a venture where I can introduce art to help at-risk children and persons in need. I intend to use this graduate experience and my life experiences to spark change and positively impact others. Much like color hues, the opportunities are endless.

This truly is just the beginning!

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